Aspire CE5-S

Aspire CE5-S Black
The Aspire CE5-S BVC is the exact same as Aspire CE5-S BDC, except that it comes with a BVC atomizer head / coil pre-fitted. BVC = Bottom Vertical Coil. As a general rule we would say that the BVC coils give a more "airy" vaping experience. But you can use both Aspire BVC & BDC Coils with this clearomizer The factory fitted atomizer head is 1.8ohms Capacity: 1.8ml Works on all batteries / MODS with eGo threading. As with other Bottom Coil Clearomizers, this clearomizer is filled from the bottom,"up side down", after removing the base, and has the advantage, that the clearomizer does not need to be emptied to change the atomizer head.
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